Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Acidity, Acne/Pimples Anemia Asthma Bad Body Odour Scorpion Bite Snake Bite Wrinkles

Dependence on medicines has become such an evil nowadays, even a common cold and fever would make us knock the door of a doctor as though something serious has happened, but as it goes " the treated cold lasts seven days and the untreated cold lasts a week ", but with the intent of getting relief from things that are common, we take recourse to medicines that can only provide immediate relief but at the same time carry within them the potential to harm the balance and rhythm of our health in the long run.
Natural home remedies are always better, with respect to their effectiveness, not having any side effects, ease of availability (in our own houses or our natural surroundings), and even economical. Nature has provided cure for all the ailments, but most of us are not aware of this and run towards modern medicines, which always have side effects and are not affordable by every one.
I have tried to collect a very small portion of some of the NATURAL HOME REMEDIES FOR COMMON AILMENTS from my past experience and other resources to share with others. Your experience and knowledge is always welcome to be shared with others. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.